Neal Wynn's "LIL' BEAR"
After over forty years of attending drag racing events all over Texas, I've accumulated thousands of images which I've since converted to digital and
a lot of those images I've posted below. I've had the "sportsman" racers posted for a while now and just recently began adding some from the
"professional" categories. I've also received many e-mail's concerning my old photos and have posted some of those below also.
Reher & Morrison CORVETTE
Reher & Morrison CORVETTE
Faerman & B. Jones H/Gas NOVA
Had a couple of e-mails recently, one requesting images of early Funny Cars that raced at the Houston International Speedway and a second
asking for Texas-based Pro Stockers from the '70s and '80s. These are the images that I posted.
Willis Ragsdale and "RAUNCHY"
Willis Ragsdale and "RAUNCHY"
I love all types of racing and below are some of my old "non-drag racing" images. The drag boats
were taken on the Brazos River in Waco, the Outlaw Sprint Cars were at Devil's Bowl in Mesquite
and the NASCAR images were taken at Texas World Speedway in College Station.
Back when I was 17 (45 years ago), I spent the summer
in California and after borrowing my aunt's car (a couple
of weekends), I visited both Lions Drag Strip and
Orange County Raceway. Being a native Texan and
loving drag racing, that was a summer I'll never forget.
Also got a few pictures while I was there.
Cross & Reher MAVERICK
Cross & Reher MAVERICK
Mickey Mills MAVERICK
Mickey Mills MAVERICK
Ted Radoumis' "ENERGIZER"
Ted Radoumis' "ENERGIZER"
Neal Wynn's "LIL' BEAR"
Looking through my old e-mails, I also found picture requests from Phil Nichols (+ Shay, Duster Pro Stocker), a former crew member of the
"Buccaneer" Funny Car out of Galveston and Cooper Hayden looking for images of his Mustang Funny Car "Hi Roller". I never did get a follow up
reply from them but below are the images that I posted.   
First and foremost, I enjoy sharing my old drag racing images. My greatest enjoyment though is when I receive e-mails from car owners (past and
present), former crew members, family members or drag racing fans like myself who want to share images and/or information pertaining to some of
the vehicles that I post. Below are some of those images that I received e-mails about. Also as you'll see, "Where Are They Now" can pertain to either
the owners, drivers or the vehicles themselves.
Faerman & B. Jones H/Gas NOVA
Before going Pro Stock racing, Reher & Morrison were a terror in
NHRA's Modified Eliminator category. After posting their Corvette, I
received word (and images) that the Corvette is alive and well and still
racing. Looks like it found a good home.
Almost immediately after posting images of Willis Ragsdale, I began
getting e-mails from his grandchildren. Have to thank them for the
images that they sent me. Willis is currently enjoying a sharp looking
'36 Ford Coupe that he shows at local shows down here in Houston.
A racer will always be a racer. Houston area attorney Mickey Mills used
to race an NHRA legal Pro Stock Maverick as a "gasser" at Eastex
Dragway. He requested images of his Maverick and sent me photos of
his current ride, a sharp looking BMW road racer.
Before there was Reher & Morrison, there was Cross & Reher and their
1974 NHRA Winter Nationals winning Maverick. A repost of my photo
from Eastex Dragway was requested from a racer from Tennessee who
found the car in Arkansas and was planning a restoration. Good luck.
Similar Novas, same name. North Carolina racer Tim Jones is the son of
Faerman teammate Bobby Jones. He used to frequent Eastex Dragway
as a youngster with his dad and thanked me for the memories. Tim
thank you and thanks for the great looking pictures.  
I had seen the "Energizer" '41 Willys pickup racing at Eastex Dragway,
cruising down a Houston street and on the Internet at California
events. All of the above were verified by owner Ted Radoumis. He also
sent me some current images from those west coast venues.
Does anybody out there know where Neal Wynn or his "Lil' Bear" Nova
are now? Neal was a regular at Houston International Speedway and
after some paint and body modifications, begin showing at local shows.
I was still pretty young when I first met Neal and he showed up at my
parent's house in the Houston Heights to purchase some pictures from
me. That's my cousin's daughter posing with the car in front of my
parents house. Incidentally, my cousin's daughter is now in her late '40s.
I know it's approximate but do the math!  
Stephens and Venables "QUICK SILVER" (verses Shirley Muldowney) * Eastex Dragway
"TV Tommy" Ivo * Green Valley Race City
Ronnie Sox
"Lil Boss" Hemi Barracuda
NHRA Division IV Hall Of Fame Museum
I'm beginning my new updated "racing page" with a link to the (NHRA) Division IV Hall Of
Fame Museum (left). It's a perfect intro to my (drag) racing page since most of the racers
posted below were from the NHRA South Central Division  ("the Good Guys") which
currently includes Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. I've also included a few of my
"mementos" including a very early admission ticket ($3.00) to the Houston International
Speedway that I found in my parents attic. Below that is a "Garlits for US Congress"
bumper sticker and to the right of that is my first ever
"purchased" drag racing magazine; Drag Strip, circa October
1966. I've also included a trio of drag racing images that
even though I've added a little information to a couple,
they're all pretty much self-explanatory.