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Niftee 50ees Cruise Night begins on Saturday, March 1 at it's new location at the Corum Center on the corner of Louetta and Kuykendahl in Spring. The
new location knocks off seven miles from my original 45 mile one way trip.
After 40+ years of doing this stuff, I pretty much have down....well most of the time. Early into it though I made a few mistakes and below are a
couple of examples. If you've seen my "racing" page, most of the night shots were taken with an external, hand-held Sunpack flash which works
great; works great if you remember to pack it! I made the trip to Alamo Dragway just south of San Antonio for an AHRA Grand National event and
as mentioned, forgot to bring the flash. I was already there so I made do. Below left is a result of no flash. A Corvette Funny Car erupted just past
the starting line and as you can see, no flash! On the right is a perfect "learn from your mistakes" example. Very early on I frequented Houston
International Speedway and shot photos for Texas Racer Magazine. I also had built a dark room at home and developed my own black and white
and color negatives and color slides. I would roll my unexposed 35mm film into a plastic reel which was almost fool-proof. This was my first attempt
at using metal reels where you feed the film yourself. As you can see, I didn't load it very well. Although not all of the pictures were lost, one of a
dragster snapping its rear end assembly off was one of the victims. The close-up on the far right shows the dragster sliding down the
track backwards and it's
rear end bouncing over the
guard rail. Needless to say I
went back to the plastic
reels and now that digital is
here, it's just a bad memory.
Although I haven't seen my good friend Shawn for quite a few years, on occasion he sends me articles pertaining to cars which I sometimes
pass along.  Below are some of his latest from an article titled "When Bad Things Happen To Good Cars". Some of them are heart breaking!
"Sinkhole Swallows 8 Cars At US Corvette Museum"(yahoo! news)
"Sinkhole Swallows 8 Cars At US Corvette Museum"(yahoo! news)
I'm a firm believer that anything you can think of,
no matter how unbelievable, has happened or will
happen. Now I have a pretty vivid imagination but a
sink hole in the middle of an automotive museum?
Sorry folks; that one got by me. Big news on the
Internet mid-February was a sink hole that
swallowed eight precious Corvettes at the National
Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. A
few years back my brother and I went to a Goodguys
event in Indianapolis and stopped at the museum
(left) on the way back home.     
The first two photos above were taken in 1972 at an Early Irons event in Houston. On the far left, you can see my brand new, 1972 Datsun pickup
parked in the background. Not sure who took the middle picture (brother?) but that's me driving by in the Datsun. On the far right, still 1972, is my
"modified" Datsun sporting American Racing Wheels on Goodyear big and littles.  Real popular in high school.
Came across these images
from a tractor pull event
held at the Sam Houston
Coliseum sometime in the
early '80s. Not much
happened in the Coliseum
after that eventually being
demolished in 1998. In it's
heyday in was home to
professional basketball,
hockey and wrestling.
Live concerts included
Elvis Presley in 1956 (shut
down after teenagers
rushed the stage and
destroyed the musical
instruments), the Beatles in 1965, the Doors in 1968 and Jimi Hendrix in 1970, three months before his death. I was a little young to attend those
concerts but I do remember eventually seeing Chicago, Thin Lizzy, Nazareth and Grand Funk Railroad at the Houston Coliseum.
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A shift change at work kept me from
attending the Houston Coffee & Cars
event for close to a year. As you can
see, I finally made it back March 1.
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