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Neal Wynn's "LIL' BEAR"
After a long time inquiring the whereabouts of
Neal Wynn and/or his "Lil' Bear" Nova, I finally
got a reply and from none other than Neal
himself. Below are images I took and on the right
are a couple that he sent me. Thanks Neal.
I love checking out auction results from auction houses all over the country.
What I look for is something being offered that's a little out of the ordinary;
exactly like the ones below. Both sold recently at two different Auctions America
events.  I remember the Barber Shop car when I was a teenager back in the late
'60s. It sold for  $60,500. The "World's Fastest Hot Dog Cart" was built on an episode of Monster Garage and it sold for  $26,400. I have to wonder
just who buy something like these? It has to be an auto enthusiast who first has money, and second who already has everything else.
"Texas rodding
and racing, past
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